Thursday, July 9, 2009

Michael Jackson

If you know me then you know I'm a big MJ fan. The news of his death didn't hit me at first but when it did, it hit kinda hard. I mean, as long as I've been alive there has always been Michael Jackson. Its like a family member dying. It really hit me when they were playing his videos non stop. It was like I heard every song for the first time.

As a kid I look forward to summer for one reason and that was MTV's Michael Jackson week. They played everything-making of thriller, moonwalker, lil kid version of "bad", etc. I didn't go outside for a week

I always knew when he died that people would kill themselves because michael meant that much to people. I never stopped to think how I would feel tho. I'm hurt that I never got to meet him. He was more famous than Jesus because Buddist, Athiest, etc all loved him. He ran with troops from other countries. He probably couldve ended the war we got going on now, real talk

There will never be another MJ because no other artist lives their career like he does. You didn't see him in the grocery store, on twitter, wearing regular clothes. You might go a year or two without seeing Mike.
He only came out when it was time to be Michael Jackson. It must hurt to have to wear a disguise just to sit in a public place.

I plan on getting a MJ sleeve tatt covering great things he did. And imma keep th v necks and fedoras popping lol.

R.I.P. Michael Joseph Jackson
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K said...

I loved MJ... well still do and major shocker when he passed. He was the only guy who could pull off being eccentric and millions of people embracing it. :)