Friday, July 24, 2009

Countdown to "I GOT THE O.J. GLOVES" Day 50

Aight, so today finds me working out and grinding. I'm 300 push ups into my work out. I'mma do it til I can't do any more. I do em in sets of 50. I need to do sit ups far more than push ups but I'm stubborn. Sit up results take too long lol.

The rest of today I'll be working on the aug 1st BEST OF THE BEST which will be at The Boulevard Lounge in west hollywood. I have to meet up with artist and get them tickets.

I was listening to a Top Dawg mixtape and a BlackSmith mixtape yesterday and it inspired me to go back and do some more lyrical freestyles for the mixtape. I'm officially a Ab-Soul fan now. I'm about to put pen to pad tonight!...WORD!

I'm about to jump on craigslist and myspace and look for more shows. Need to raise money for radio promo and music videos and posters. Need to raise awareness. Need to add more people on facebook and do some myspace blasting. That honestly does do alot but every little bit helps. I should have a tracklisting done by this weekend.

Until next time...

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