Thursday, October 29, 2009

Good dad/Bad dad

This post is about a song I wrote called Good "Dad/ Bad Dad". It's about my son Randy and daughter Jade. Every one knows my son because he's always with me. Whether its the studio, on stage at shows, in meetings, sleep in the back of my office, etc. But no one knows my daughter. Reason is I'm very absent in her life. I've only seen her a handful of times. Enough for her to know I'm daddy but not enough to really matter. The song is about the good relationship me and my son have and the bad one me and my daughter have.

If you know Randy then you know his mom Face. I made it a point early in my "career" to let people know who they were through songs, pics, etc.
My son's done more shows then a lot of these so called rappers lol. We have more than a father/son relationship. That's my nigga lol. His only gone probably 3 days without seeing me his whole life and that's because I was in Vegas and he couldn't go.

My son was pretty much planned, where as my daughter wasn't. She's a result of me being unfaithful and stepping back into something with an ex. I'd never deny her. If you asked how many kids I have, I'd tell you. But I also don't tell people about her off top. Mainly because then I have to explain why she's never around or how she came to be. She's cute as shit tho. And smart. As much as I can't stand her mom, she's doing a good job on that end. Her mom makes sure to show her my videos and pictures and when I had my cell on, if Jade wanted to she would call me. Only one of my friends has seen her and that was once. My mom has seen her maybe 4 times. I didn't really see her all summer during my whole "get money" thing. I think about her daily and will be stepping the daddy side up as part of my SELF REHAB. There is no excuse for not being there bottom line.

I'll post the lyrics to the song later when I find em on

UPDATE! Here the lyrics go:
My son sees me everyday of his life//
My first born, my first name, its only right//
Daddy's baby, my lil soldier//
I try to be stern, but I'mma push ova//
I take him everywhere, office and the studio//
He even be on stage when I do my shows//
He knows the words to all songs//
We be eating pizza, watching movies all night long//
I put him to sleep, brush his hair and his teeth in the morning time//
He looks just like me, no denying the boy is mine//
He listens to me, I demand my respect//
Got his name birthday tatted on my neck//
I taught him how to say thank u and please//
I kiss his boo boos when he scrapes his knees//
When he does good, I give him daps and high fives//
I call him Big Baby Ran, that's my lil guy//

I'm a man//
My balls and my word is all I have//
But I'm sad//
Cuz my daughter calls another nigga dad//
Cuz she don't see me often//
I gotta deal with her momma shit talking//
Everytime I walk in, I'm treated like a stranger//
On the real, I really can't blame her//
I be gone for months at a time//
But baby Jade still on my mind//
I wish I could be there 24/7//
But I can't, I'm on the grind, on a mission//
I'm trynna turn nothing into something out here//
But all she sees is that I'm not there//
And I promise, I'mma make you proud of me//
To you I'm dad, but to the world I'm C dot V//


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