Thursday, October 8, 2009


Yo, I'm back. Day 4 was productive. I finally turned in the paperwork to get insurance. That was so long over due. I'll find out if I qualify in a week or so. I need that to finally take care of this damn tooth. Getting that bad boy pulled ASAP. It was my day off so I got alot done. It's my only week day off. Actually sat down and made phone calls. I honestly hate making calls. I don't like how sound on the phone. Real unsure of myself. I say "umm" alot. I'm making it a point to call now before emailing. I need faster results.

I've just been doing alot of thinking. Trynna figure out a work out schedule. I need to bulk up. I'm putting together end of the month shows. I emailed about some promo shit. I really want to get another in house promotions gig. Been thinking about bringing in one or two partners. Not sure if I want help with my biz or just people to split office rent with.

That's all I got for now. Peace

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