Saturday, October 10, 2009


What's good? Today I stopped by the gym to try and figure out why they trynna charge me more. I haven't been in forever. They said we can work out a deal if I bring the letter they mailed to me in and let me work out. Man, I looked in the mirror and finally realized how much muscle I lost. I'm def gonna start going a few times a week.

I passed by my moms house while working. Haven't talked to her since some time in the summer. I'm vicious when it comes to holding grudges lol. Terrible trait but oh well.

I decided to email every studio I can find so I can get a internship. No point in wasting all the knowledge and money spent at school to become a recording engineer. I was a straight A student. I haven't mixed a song down in forever on my own.

I worked on a screenplay that I haven't touched in forever. Like 2 months. I want to shoot this by the end of the year. It's going to be soo goood! I wrote it to be low cost to shoot. Only a couple locations, 4 characters and can probably shot it in one or two nights.

Something else productive happened but I can't remember what it is....give me a minute. Yea I can't remember what it is, I'm out. Peace

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