Saturday, October 17, 2009


What's good? I'm back. I'mma just start writing these self rehab blogs when something pivotal happens because some days nothing will happen. Just been busy as always. Looking for a new night job. I used to always stay with 2 jobs....atleast 2 lol. Being at The Palmer Room spoiled me because I got to experience being my on boss. I wasn't meant to have a boss. I have a big problem with authority. Blame it on the "seen but not heard" childhood. I took my son for his very 1st haircut which for a dad was real big to me lol. Me or FACE always cuts his hair. Speaking of FACE, I have to publicly apologize to her. I've shitted on her in these blogs a couple times when talking about relationships and what not. Arguements/shit talking/part time hate aside, I'd kick a nigga down a flight of stairs blind folded if she asked me without hesitation because I know she'd have a good reason lol.

Dipset West is moving along nicely. Videos are coming back from editing. I run the dipsetwest.wordpress blog. The street album drops this month. I'm setting up mass amounts of release parties in different areas like the bay, arizona, la, etc. We are so ahead of the game on the west because no artist out here put out albums, just mixtapes. I guarantee every artist on the label will have a instore album because that's just how Dipset works.

I've got the urge to back to be an artist. I've got alot of concept songs these days and the funny thing is every song I picture the video to go with it.

I'm crazy sick right now and its super interrupting my work. Body just sore and weak. Got the sudafed on deck tho lol. I get sick about once a year. Usually when the weather turns from hot one day to cold the next.

Anyway, I'm off. got work to do. I'll be posting more today tho.


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