Thursday, October 8, 2009


Waddup ya'll. Today was slow. Alot of driving. Kinda feel like shit and I don't know why. I'm upbeat right now tho lol. Today I worked on my freestyle while on my long drive through malibu and santa monica. That is something I need to get stronger. I want to get to the point that my freestyle sounds like writtens. Today was just real internal. I decided today to stop drinking soda. Nothing good in that at all.

I'm just ready to own shit. Car, house, etc. And I'm ready to put things in order to do all that. I'm very much a family man and they deserve better than what I'm offering now. that being said, I'm cutting no slack. If you owe me money I'm coming for that shit. WORD! I've been real timid with companies but I'mma start making myself known and heard. Iceman says he's gonna show me how to muscle people lol.

I'm out for now. peace

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