Thursday, October 29, 2009


What's good ya'll. Im back. Its Day 32. Been staying busy. Dipset West
album will be out on Thanksgiving so I've been putting energy into that.
Trynna set up release parties and endorsements deals. Lots of progress
on that/ is back up. Just posted a interview I did with Street
Goddess from Top Dawg Ent. She's head of promo for them and just a all
around hustler. It was a real good interview we did months ago but I
never posted it. I added new music too. I want to change the layout
because its too basic. Need something more along the lines of

I'm on my way to quit my flower delivery job. I just got a new marketing
job so YAY me. I start at 12 and its full time.

I've been wanting to smoke kinda badly lately. Almost bought a black n
mild a few times but eventually I didn't. Doing really well on that
side, just quitting cold turkey.

Still haven't been recording. Haven't looked into it at all either. But
I got some shit ready. One of my ACES CLIK members is flying in from NY
sat and we are gonna link up and record. I always like collabing.

Not much Best Coast biz going on still. Just thinking it out til I have
money to make moves. But trust it will be up and running. That's my baby

My mac is broken so I haven't been able to do as much work as usual. Was
gonna sell it but since I have a new job, I'll just get it fixed.

I'm back in the gym. Been away for pretty much 2 months with the
exception of a couple days. I'm paying all this money, I might as well
go. Felt good. I'mma go as often as possible. Be the yuffest businessman
lol. And yes I do mean Yuff. Gotta work on the legs as much as the upper
body. Its too many niggas who buff grom the waist up with chicklen legs

All in all I'm doing better but can do better. That's it for now.


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