Monday, October 5, 2009


What's good ya'll. Right now we are in the morning of Day 3. Day 2 was slow but I decided to stop smoking for good. YAY ME! Weed is still very much in play tho. Just no more black and milds. I got some work done and hopefully within the next couple days it turns into a big pay check. I'm already mentally spending it. I honestly didn't do much yesterday but sit on the computer. That's good and bad. I have some footwork I need to do and calls to make. I'll do them tomorrow on my day off.

So far my self rehab will include working out, working smarter no harder, treating myself better. That all sounds good, right? I'mma ad more to it tonight

Time to get ready for work. I'll give you the day 3 wrap up sometime tonight or first thing tomorrow morning.

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